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​Now we’ve covered a few of the most important steps to getting started in weight loss. You know how to lose weight, you can set and measure your goal, and you have gained some great knowledge surrounding the science of weight loss.

​But what now?

​How do you get motivated to start? How do you stay motivated to keep going? How do you deal with days where you have no motivation whatsoever?

​Motivation can come from a few places we’ve already visited. Maybe your goal motivates you or maybe the benchmarks you’re using to measure your goal will do it. Maybe your friends and family are motivating you, maybe your desire to get healthy is strong enough to motivate.

​In the end it all comes down to…you. Below are a few vital steps in beginning the process towards establishing motivation that breeds good habits and discipline to keep everything going.

1. Determine your why. (Cliché I know!) Revisiting why you set your initial goal will be very important on days your motivation lags. Visual reminders are great for t