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​Now we’ve covered a few of the most important steps to getting started in weight loss. You know how to lose weight, you can set and measure your goal, and you have gained some great knowledge surrounding the science of weight loss.

​But what now?

​How do you get motivated to start? How do you stay motivated to keep going? How do you deal with days where you have no motivation whatsoever?

​Motivation can come from a few places we’ve already visited. Maybe your goal motivates you or maybe the benchmarks you’re using to measure your goal will do it. Maybe your friends and family are motivating you, maybe your desire to get healthy is strong enough to motivate.

​In the end it all comes down to…you. Below are a few vital steps in beginning the process towards establishing motivation that breeds good habits and discipline to keep everything going.

1. Determine your why. (Cliché I know!) Revisiting why you set your initial goal will be very important on days your motivation lags. Visual reminders are great for this- hang those pants you’re trying to fit into on your closet door or put a sticky note on your mirror with your specific goal written on it.

2. Set a goal. (See previous post on goal setting)

3. Make a plan. This step is as personalized as your goal; maybe you need to make time to exercise or go to the grocery store, maybe you need to clear out all the junk food you snack on late at night, maybe you need to get a watch to start tracking steps. Making a plan to take the steps necessary to reach your goal is just as important as actually taking the steps.

4. Execute the plan. Every action you take while you are on a weight loss journey either gets you closer to or further away from your goal. Carrying out your plan and sticking to it the majority of the time is crucial in helping you establish the habits and discipline that will help you get the weight off but more importantly KEEP it off.

On the days motivation is there use it! When motivation is absent try the following:

​Stop comparing yourself to others, this journey is you vs. you

​Set a little reward for yourself in the future, something like: “if I stick to my plan 80% of the time this week, I’ll treat myself to a manicure”

​Revisit your goal and evaluate your progress, even if you’re not where you want to be you’re closer than you were!

​And finally, a little tough love. Think of where you could be if you consistently make choices that align with your goals on this date next year. Then think of where you’ll be if you make the choices you’re accustomed to on the same day.


Motivation is important to get started, habits and discipline keep you going

​Motivation won’t always be there but you can power through by revisiting your goal, setting up small rewards, quitting the comparison game, and practicing a little tough love.

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