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Mind Pump Podcast Takeaways

Hey friends, it is Janey! I recently listened to a podcast and I want to recommend to anyone interested in losing weight.

I’ve been listening to Mind Pump for several years but their most recent episode (released 11/28/2021) entitled “1695: How to Lose 100 Pounds” had some great takeaways. I absolutely recommend listening to the podcast but below are the key points I want you to take from it:

Also, *Profanity warning* for small ears.

1. Weight loss is not a race. Could you reach your goal in 3 months? Yes. Should you? No.

Shortcuts work in the short run but consistency and discipline win in the long run.

2. During your weight loss journey, prioritize learning about yourself, establishing habits, and embracing the journey rather than rushing to the finish line.

3. Enlist an accountability partner. The podcast specifically recommends a therapist but this can be anyone who keeps you accountable to your goals.

4. Losing weight should improve your quality of life, not destroy it. During this time you should be creating sustainable habits and memories simultaneously. Losing weight does not mean you have to withdraw from your life. Make sure your desire for weight loss is coming from a place of self-love rather than hate. Rather than saying “I hate how I look” “I can’t believe I let myself get this way” say “I can do better for myself” “I owe it to myself to lose this weight”.

5. Motivation < Discipline. This is a common theme in weight loss, motivation won’t always be present, but you can always rely on discipline and routine.

6. Focus on goals other than scale goals, particularly in the beginning. With a big change to diet and exercise we expect to see some sudden changes and lots of fluctuations. As weight loss continues we expect plenty of plateaus, stall outs, and even more fluctuations. In these times it is important to focus on celebrating metrics other than the scale, maybe you’re reaching fitness goals, maybe your relationship to food is improving, or you’ve settled into a new routine.

7. Increase activity through daily activities. Simple tactics such as using the stairs over the elevator or parking in the back of parking lots can add up to lots of movement.

8. DO NOT DRINK CALORIES. I can’t recommend this enough. This is the easiest way to cut out empty calories. Aim for a gallon of water a day, this will eliminate the need for sugary drinks and may curb cravings.

9. Create barriers between yourself and your impulses. Don’t buy the food that tempts you and make sure you remove it from your environment before you start dieting. Tell yourself you can have it but you have to drive to the store to get it; thus setting up a barrier and discouraging it. Often, impulsive behavior happens before awareness meaning you can respond to a craving before you’re aware you’re doing it. Placing a barrier between you and the impulse gives you time to think it over.

10. Be mindful and slow down while eating, chew food fully, put your fork down between bites, don’t put food in your mouth until your mouth is empty from last bite. Tune into hunger cues, eat mindfully. Make eating a singular activity. Often when we overeat it is due to distraction.

11. Prioritize protein at every meal, make sure not to fill up on carbohydrates and starches before you get sufficient protein. This is contrary to the typical American diet where bread comes out first and the starchy sides are so appealing.

12. Learn to read nutrition labels, its not all about calories. Look at the macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats), pay attention to added sugars. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you don’t need it.

13. Sometimes weight loss feels like a lonely endeavor. Its important to gain the support of those around you, particularly those who live in your own household. Additionally its important to build your team; consider a trainer, nutritionist, or therapist.

14. Lastly, you are your harshest critic, be kind to you. Weight loss is never linear, setbacks will come. This is hard. You can do it.

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